SMS on MS Bot Framework

Infobip d.o.o.

SMS on MS Bot Framework

Infobip d.o.o.

Connect with your customers and provide an always-on experience with MS Bot Framework over SMS

Why businesses choose SMS over Infobip

  • Connect to multiple countries via a single provider and enjoy all the benefits of an industry-leading platform that ensures compliance and value
  • Our intelligent routing engine explores multiple route parameters in real-time to find the shortest path for every message
  • 600 direct operator connections, with zero middlemen, help you keep costs low

Customer care

Respond to customer-initiated conversations over SMS. Enable your bots to:

  • Provide quick, conversational support
  • Get instant feedback
  • Resolve issues in one-on-one conversations

Infobip adapter functionalities

  • Send/receive text messages
  • Verify incoming Infobip requests
  • Receive delivery reports
  • Callback data – Add data in every message and that data will be returned to the chatbot in the message delivery report
  • Full incoming request from Infobip is added to the incoming activity as ChannelData

Start testing today!

  1. Fill out the signup form. Be sure to provide accurate information.
  2. We will send you an email with a verification link which will redirect you to set your credentials for accessing Infobip's web interface.
  3. After confirming your credentials, you'll receive a confirmation email.
  4. Log in to the web interface, navigate to Apps and click on SMS - your test sender should be ready for use!
  5. Install SMS adapter for MS Bot Framework by following this guide.

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For more information check out the user guide on Infobip Docs!