OpenVINO™ DL Streamer – Edge AI Extension Module


OpenVINO™ DL Streamer – Edge AI Extension Module


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OpenVINO™ DL Streamer – Edge AI Extension Module

The OpenVINO™ DL Streamer - Edge AI Extension module is a microservice based on Intel’s Video Analytics Serving (VAServing) that serves video analytics pipelines built with OpenVINO™ DL Streamer. Developers can send video frames to the AI extension module which performs detection, classification, or tracking and returns the results. The AI extension module exposes gRPC APIs that are compatible with video analytics platforms like Azure Video Analyzer on the IoT Edge  from Microsoft. Powered by OpenVINO™ toolkit, the AI extension module enables developers to build, optimize and deploy deep learning inference workloads for maximum performance across Intel® architectures.


  • Scalable, high-performance solution for serving video analytics pipelines on Intel® architectures
  • gRPC API enabling fast data transfer rate and low latency
  • Ready to use Pipelines – Object Detection, Object Classification and Object Tracking
  • Pre-loaded with person-vehicle-bike-detection-crossroad and vehicle-attributes-recognition-barrier models
  • Use with Azure Video Analyzer or other video ingestion clients
  • Supported hardware Configuration: CPU, iGPU, NCS2

To pull the image, use docker pull with the base image and tag below:

docker pull intel/video-analytics-serving:0.6.1-dlstreamer-edge-ai-extension

The corresponding docker file is available here.

To directly ingest streaming videos and related samples on video analytics, please visit Video Analytics Serving GitHub repo.

Find developer-ready kits with Intel® hardware here

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