JioThings Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution

Jio Platforms Limited

JioThings Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution

Jio Platforms Limited

Intelligent Diesel Generator monitoring solution to guard business continuity & operational Expense.

Sudden power outages affect business productivity and hence monitoring diesel generators becomes extremely important. The situation becomes even worse when one has to monitor multiple sites across geographies.

JioThings Smart Diesel generator monitoring solution enables you monitor the vital KPIs that you require from remote generators to help manage your business' efficiency. Remotely monitoring critical aspects such as fuel consumption, engine health, energy efficiency, productivity and idle times addresses all the challenges of facility managers with data on fingertips!

Who can benefit?

JioThings Diesel Generator Monitoring solution is beneficial for all users of diesel generators.
Industries such as manufacturing, hospitability, retail, healthcare, oil & gas, data centers, infrastructure & construction, mining, and all industries needing power backup can take advantage of JioThings remote Genset monitoring solution to ensure uninterrupted business functions.

In addition, segments like real estate and commercial buildings can implement this solution to ensure safety of the employees and residents of the buildings.

With a feature-rich, affordable and reliable JioThings Smart Diesel Monitoring operational managers can benefit from the following:

  1. Monitoring a range of important parameters related to power generators remotely

  2. Advanced fuel monitoring with up to 99% accuracy to monitor the fuel usage

    including fillings, removals and consumption.

  3. Get instant alerts for:

    1. Low fuel

    2. Fuel fillings & removals

    3. Engine faults

    4. Idle operations

  4. Predictive & preventive maintenance helps reduce operational expenditures by 25%.

  5. Real-time monitoring & benchmarking of DG and energy usage pattern helps enhance


  6. Get insights into operations with intuitive dashboards, insightful reports

Why JioThings?

  1. JioThings delivers one-stop-shop solution with all solution components under a single roof without depending on multiple vendors thus making it economically viable to adopt the solution

  2. Integrated with all leading brands of generators.

  3. Ala-carte options available with different models that suit your needs:

    1. Classic: Get operational times and location.

    2. Money-Saver: Get fuel monitoring along with all operational times and


    3. Advanced: Get health and energy parameter monitoring along with all

      operational times and location

    4. Comprehensive: All-inclusive package

  4. Nationwide presence

    1. Jio’s cellular network is available Pan India

    2. Service and support: Installation and after sales support with 1,400 Jio

      Centres, 1,000 Jio Points and 10,000+ installation team

  5. Remote Support and diagnostics- Supports over-the-air software and configuration

    updates for the device – thereby reducing field visit costs. Manage SIM card in real time and API integration for enterprises