Easy management of Kafka topics from request creation, approvals, ACLs, Schema management and more..



Easy management of Kafka topics from request creation, approvals, ACLs, Schema management and more..

Kafkawize - Self service Topic management tool

Background :

Apache Kafka is a distributed event streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day. Unlike traditional messaging systems, it's unique features like horizontal scalability and data retention makes it stand out.

However, while implementing Kafka in your organization, there are several manual activities like creating topics, acls, updating configuration etc. These activities can become cumbersome when the usage of Kafka keeps growing and maintainence would be a nightmare. There have been few topic management tools in the market which provide automation to certain extent, however they are not complete, mainly in terms of self-service.


Considering these, we have developed Kafkawize to solve the problem, by introducing roles, autorizations to users and teams. This way, ownerships can be assigned to Topics, subscriptions and Avro schemas, and nobody can mess with other topics/acls/schemas. With request/approvals, data integrity, configuration backup, audit and governance, Kafkawize is currently being used by several organizations.

Kafkawize is a Self service Apache Kafka Topic Management tool/portal. It is a web application which automates the process of creating and browsing Kafka topics, acls, avro schemas by introducing roles/authorizations to users of various teams within the organization. The below situations are solved and automated in Kafkawize.

  • Who are the permitted producers and consumers of a topic?
  • Who is the owner of a topic?
  • How do you backup the kafka configuration?
  • Is security enforced with proper ACLs?
  • How do you seamlessly promote topics with tested configuration from lower to production environment?

Features include

  • Create and Approve Topics, Acls(Literal, Prefixed, Txn) and Avro schemas
  • Topic catalog for browsing
  • Promote and Delete topics
  • Multi tenancy
  • Dashboards with various stats, charts and reports
  • View consumer offsets, lag info
  • Synchronize topics and acls back and forth to Kafka cluster
  • Email notifications 
  • Active directory / Ldap connectivity
  • One place to store topic documentation


Kafkawize requires both UI Api and Cluster Api applications to be running. UI Api provides the frontend and apis, and cluster api connects to kafka clusters. Api-to-Api communications are secured.

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