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OS GIR is an effective tool that keeps track of departments and the employees in your organization.

Why choose OS GIR?

When all your data is born and maintained in one place, your workflows become automated and your data becomes consistent across all systems. OS GIR (Global Identity Repository) is built to handle several organizations and several attached persons in a single application. All of the information in OS GIR can be sent to other systems, making sure that all basic important information is streamlined in all connecting systems. Based on the OIO standard, OS GIR ensures consistent and quality data, which results in less work and gives employees time to focus on more important tasks.

Key values

  • Automatic sharing of information with other IT systems
  • Control of your identities
  • Full overview of your organizational data
  • Open Source solution with transparent and supplier independent support

Your gain

OS GIR keeps full track of your organization and all the identities within the organization.

OS GIR ensures that there are fixed approval procedures for maintaining your entire organization

OS GIR delivers high quality data to your IT systems, including your IGA platform, as well as your employees in the form of organization charts on the intranet.

If your looking for IDM tool for next gen OS GIR is here.


OS GIR is a 100% open source solution with full access to the source code.
OS GIR gives you all relevant insights into the name, title, affiliations and management responsibilities of employees in your organization.
See what your organization looks like today or select an arbitrary date, forward as well as backward.