Maestro & DeepSim Inc Maestro & DeepSim Inc

Automate and optimize your semiconductor operations using the platform

Click GET IT NOW to purchase and install Maestro & DeepSim. MaestroTM fab automation suite delivers tangible impact on company-level critical KPIs. Our software suite enables your line control engineers to bolster their expertise with deep learning and capture unoptimized throughput, cycle time, and reductions in manufacturing costs per wafer. Orchestrating Semiconductor Manufacturing with Deep Learning Decreased manufacturing costs - Secure - Increased production

Our customers value the unique ability of Maestro to dynamically respond to their fab state and quickly produce optimized results for multiple custom KPIs. Maestro enables the user to set the balance between individual KPIs to increase production in times of unprecedented demand or optimize the cost of production when required.

Seamlessly installed, securely within your own compute environment, this suite of Deep Learning based tools augments your current workflow in parallel to avoid any disruption.

Key benefits of Maestro

Fab Scheduling & Dispatching

  • Increase fab-wide company KPIs: throughput, CQT violations, cycle time
  • Automatically generate optimized schedules
  • Non-disruptive, parallel workflow implementation

    Tool Modelling
    • Automate generation of more accurate tool models
    • Reliable and accurate equipment health indexes and remaining useful life
    • Better models reduce sim-to-real gap for fab scheduling to optimize productivity and reduce costs

    Preventative Maintenance Planning
    • Augment maintenance planning and scheduling with Deep Learning tools
    • Optimized preventative maintenance policies
    • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs based on dynamic inputs

    DeepSim automates manual processes in your existing design and optimization workflow, by allowing subject matter experts to guide A.I. algorithms (based on Reinforcement Learning). DeepSim integrates with simulators you already use to optimize results without painstaking manual heuristic design. This automation delivers superior performance and faster time to market by exploring enormous parameter spaces faster than humanly possible.

    DeepSim is powered by a scalable cloud platform, giving you fast response times even when scaling up your problem. With the ability to test and validate solutions, and to fine-tune the controllers via real-world input (and hardware in the loop options), you can overcome sim2real problems with ease. Patent pending technology based on novel A.I. methods for hardware and runtime selection makes the platform cost effective and reduces the overall development cost.

    DeepSim works together and integrates with Azure solutions such as: Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Storage, Azure functions and Azure DevOps. For more information see the full product description here.

    Key benefits of DeepSim

    • Scalable
    • Extensible platform
    • Easy to integrate into existing solutions
    • Easy to configure various KPIs to optimize for


    • Focus on cost optimization
    • Proprietary sample efficient training algorithms
    • Fully customizable and configurable
    • Extensive and customized support to ensure your deployment is a success