MS OpenJDK 17 on Ubuntu 22.04

Ntegral Inc.

MS OpenJDK 17 on Ubuntu 22.04

Ntegral Inc.

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h2>What is Microsoft build of OpenJDK

Microsoft is committed to working with industry partners on OpenJDK for the common good of the Java Ecosystem. It has been configured on Ubuntu 22.04 and optimized as a VM instance for Azure.

Key Benefits of MS build of OpenJDK

  • Cost reduction: Java support costs on Azure cloud can be reduced by avoiding commercial licenses for Java. It helps to reduce the overall Azure subscription costs by removing the cost passed to other vendors for JDK licenses.
  • Security & performance improvement: The build may contain backported fixes and enhancements for security and performance, which may not have formally backported upstream.
  • Application Management: OpenJDK includes Mission Control1 which is a tool suite for managing, monitoring, profiling, and troubleshooting Java applications. It is useful for understanding application behavior such as memory leaks, deadlock, and much more.
  • Become a leader in providing toolkits for the open-source community: Microsoft has been a sponsor and contributor to the Java open-source community through AdoptOpenJDK projects since 2018, and has contributed to OpenJDK by providing more than 50 patches for OpenJDK in the last 18 months, which includes resolutions for issues in macOS packaging, build, infrastructure, and garbage collection.

Why use Ntegral Certified Apps?

Ntegral certified images are always up-to-date, secure, and built to work right out of the box.

Ntegral packages applications following industry standards, and continuously monitors all components and libraries for vulnerabilities and application updates. When any security threat or update is identified, Ntegral automatically repackages the applications and pushes the latest versions to the cloud marketplaces.

Default ports:

  • SSH: 22

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