Pobuca Knowledge


Pobuca Knowledge


Analyze conversations from all touchpoints to extract Q&As and engage customer service agents

Ideal for Customer Service professionals who are getting ready for the omnichannel era with seamless full access to business knowledge for agents and bots, to evaluate how the costumers feel.

Knowledge sharing is a key priority for most businesses. Pobuca Knowledge is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 & by analyzing customer dialogs in every touchpoint, it updates it with knowledge base articles. At the same time, it evaluates the customer service & engages agents with performance insights.

We offer turn-key Customer Experience & loyalty solutions to brands & retailers. AI technology helps us to measure the customer experience & loyalty metrics, design the new strategy, & continuously improve it in all the fields, from consulting services to solution design, customization services, after-sales technical support, & marketing managed services.


Improve the customer service & experience & reduce churn by keeping your customers happy.

Share the knowledge across your customer service agents & bots.

Identify bottlenecks & automate your customer service workflows using AI bots.

Evaluate & improve your customer service.

Build loyalty & reduce churn by improving customer satisfaction.

Engage your customer service agents.


Build a Knowledge Base for human or bot agents by leveraging AI.

Analyze existing dialogs customers in natural language from all touchpoints & build Q&As for future reference.

Assess your agents via an automatic performance review & help them to improve their performance.

Educate your customer service bots by leveraging the Q&As that are automatically generated

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