Ramp OmniCache (eCDN)


Ramp OmniCache (eCDN)


Reduce bandwidth consumed by streaming video by more than 90% on corporate networks

OmniCache™ is an intelligent video caching solution for live video and VOD. Integrated with Microsoft 365, organizations can use Stream, Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business for video communications without stressing the corporate network.

Software-defined networking for HTML5 video with no client software

This SDN solution usually deploys on existing infrastructure (hardware server or virtual environment) and supports caching of all streaming protocols including HLS, DASH, HDS and Smooth Streaming. OmniCache does not require any plugins or client software, drastically minimizing the effort to deploy and maintain the solution.

Stream video from the edge of the network

OmniCache provides automatic local caching of video content for multiple users. Each time a user requests a video stream, the local OmniCache is checked before the request is sent to the originating source on the WAN or in the cloud. If the asset is already cached, it is streamed locally to save WAN and Internet bandwidth. If the asset is not in the cache, it is streamed from the source as normal and then automatically stored in the OmniCache to service future requests for the same asset.

Common enterprise streaming infrastructure

OmniCache is a common enterprise streaming infrastructure, which means it is platform neutral and can be used to optimize video delivery from virtually any streaming platform in use across the enterprise. Ramp has mutually verified the compatibility of OmniCache with many of the leading enterprise streaming platforms, including Microsoft Stream, Skype Meeting Broadcast and Teams.

Software-defined networking for the enterprise

  • Lightweight software solution, requires no proprietary hardware or expensive network upgrades
  • Requires no plugins or client software on viewing devices
  • Supports all pseudo-HTTP streaming protocols, including HLS, DASH, HDS, Flash and Smooth Streaming, and progressive download of MP4 files
  • Runs in a virtual environment on existing infrastructure

Enterprise-grade security

  • Deploys 100% behind the firewall, does not require a cloud controller
  • Maintains security policies to protect against viruses and data breaches
  • Full compliance with NSA-adopted NIST Suite B Cryptography, protecting data in transit and at rest
  • Supports video streaming over HTTPS

Advanced caching solution with robust management

  • Simultaneously supports all live and VOD streaming platforms used throughout the enterprise
  • Configurable as either a forward or reverse proxy server
  • Deployable as a self-discoverable, self-healing mesh
  • Advanced cache routing using flexible pattern matching algorithms
  • SNMP support for network infrastructure monitoring to enterprise video