RPS .net/java app data protection in production


RPS .net/java app data protection in production


RPS for .net/java applications data protection in production environments

Protect confidential data sets of your .net /java applications production environment by calling our RPS integration components & RPS Protection server. RPS will dynamically capture and then transform confidential data in clear into encrypted, tokenized and/or pseudonymized values.


-Business applications users

-DB admins, super admins

-Application support users

Pain points solved

-Access in clear to your confidential data through the US Cloud Act by US authorities

-Database administrators, super administrators accessing your production confidential data in clear when they operate DB’s
-Application support users accessing production confidential data in clear during application support activities (Incident Management)

-Compliance with GDPR and Swiss regulations

-Compliance with banking regulations related to Client Identifying Data: FINMA,ECB

Value proposition:

-Segregation of duty between Microsoft functional services (Azure Hosting for production applications) & security-compliance services provided by a third party Trusted platform (RPS) fully managed by you.  

-Dynamic Data protection and deprotection fully in line with Application business logic, rules and contexts - for authorized users only.


-2 Clicks to benefit from Audit evidences related to .net/Java applications in production protected by RPS. Drastically shorten the time to gather information that all regulated data are effectively protected (during audit phases by internal/external auditors/regulators).  
Unique Selling proposition
-Rich encryption and tokenization, pseudonymization libraries > 50 techniques preserving usability for business users: Read, change, search, query, compute, filter, ... and performance: 15ms latency per field in average. 

-All the protection configurations per field and or per file can be reused for multiple .net/java applications in production via our RPS Configuration module.