Digital Factory Labor Tracker

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Digital Factory Labor Tracker

Supply Chain Wizard

Increase productivity via real-time labor hours and utilization tracking.

Manufacturing operations are facing various challenges such as long cleanups & changeovers, unpredictable downtimes, variable labor performance and ever-changing production schedules. Manual & incomplete data collection, limited & cumbersome performance tracking are further preventing decision-makers from taking the right actions at the right time. Digital Factory cloud solutions, powered by IoT and advanced analytics, help manufacturers quickly & cost-effectively digitize their performance tracking, production scheduling, and log keeping activities via integrated solutions like OEE Tracker, Scheduler, Digital Logbook, and Labor Tracker.

Digital Factory | Labor Tracker helps address manufacturing operations and planning challenges resulting from highly volatile labor hours & performance. Labor Tracker provides complete real-time visibility over labor activities linked to production data at the equipment/asset level via IoT enabled RFID card reader technology. With actionable insights into labor activities and advanced analytics, you can staff smartly, drive labor productivity, and reduce costs.

COVID-19 Update: During or after COVID-19, Digital Factory | Labor Tracker is ready to help companies deal with the impacts of COVID-19 on worker safety & effectiveness via real-time labor activities & location monitoring together with advanced analytics enabling better workforce allocation decisions.

Gain complete real-time visibility over shop-floor labor activities

  • Easy check-in and check-out from work centers via IoT based RFID card reader
  • Real-time labor and machine hours tracking via live dashboards and visual factory boards
  • Detailed visibility over labor effectiveness, labor utilization losses, and root causes

Maximize production staff performance and productivity

  • Improve productivity via AI-powered line & staff assignment based on auto-generated labor skill matrix
  • Increase labor utilization levels via eliminating labor effectiveness losses
  • Enhance staff performance by goal-oriented & data-driven performance culture (i.e. gamification)

Deal with the impacts of COVID-19 on worker safety and effectiveness

  • Track resource absenteeism
  • Ensure a safe workplace environment
  • Enable data-driven-decisions for workforce allocation

Achieve high ROI within a few weeks

  • Reduce labor hours and increase throughput / revenues
  • Minimize overtime hours and maximize labor utilization
  • Decrease manual data collection & reporting efforts (i.e. digitized timesheets)
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