TRaiCE – Automated, Daily Business Risk Monitoring

TRaiCE Inc.

TRaiCE – Automated, Daily Business Risk Monitoring

TRaiCE Inc.

Empowering financiers with daily, comprehensive risk monitoring and early business risk detection

Are you a lender or investor looking for a simpler way to monitor your portfolio?

Collecting, organizing, and analyzing all the data needed for comprehensive risk monitoring is a tedious process. Moreover, following traditional annual/biannual risk review schedules can leave you vulnerable.

With TRaiCE, there’s a simpler, more comprehensive way to monitor your portfolio. The TRaiCE BizIndex creates a daily business risk index of all your counterparties using digital information available for each entity. It runs 24x7, automating the customer analysis, generating insights, and presenting them to you daily. In this way, it saves you the bandwidth needed to research entities and frees you up to perform other important tasks. More importantly, it ensures a risk monitoring process that is more comprehensive and accurate than traditional methodologies. TRaiCE is a great tool for financial institutions, asset management firms, alternate lenders, private equity and venture capital funds.

With TRaiCE, you can:

  • Cut down time spent on digital research by about 80%

  • Monitor your entire portfolio daily

  • Detect risk 3 to 6 months in advance

  • Monitor all kinds of risk, not just financial

  • Reduce manual errors and make data-backed business decisions


  • Automated data collection and analysis

  • Critical red flag alerts

  • Rank ordering of entities by risk for easy surveillance

  • Risk indices that match global market indices