Trustwave Managed Detection & Response - Managed Services

Trustwave Holdings, Inc

Trustwave Managed Detection & Response - Managed Services

Trustwave Holdings, Inc

Don’t let complexity and cyber threats get in the way. Trustwave Managed Detection and Response managed services helps you eliminate active threats and enhance your team to give you back the assurance you need to focus on moving your business forward.

Trustwave Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an industry-leading rapid threat detection and response managed service. Our experts identify, investigate, and eliminate cyber threats, mitigating risk to your business. We leverage your existing Microsoft security tools and infrastructure —Azure Lighthouse, Microsoft Sentinel, Defender for Cloud, Microsoft 365 Defender—to maximize your returns and help you realize the full power of your investments.

Improve your Threat Visibility

It starts with improving your threat visibility. Trustwave connects your Microsoft ecosystem along with your extended infrastructure to ingest high-value telemetry which enables us to expand your visibility to potential threats across your Microsoft environment. This aggregation gives you and our security engineers part of the context we need to eliminate an active threat and stop an attacker from lateral movement.

Detect and Respond Faster

Armed with greater visibility, infused with Trustwave threat intelligence, and context from your Microsoft ecosystem and security infrastructure, Trustwave detects and responds faster than anyone else. The telemetry we ingest, analyze, and enrich with our curated threat intelligence, and contextualize through the Trustwave Fusion platform, allows us to monitor your environment for threats in real-time while significantly eliminating unwanted noise.

Once a threat or anomalous behavior is detected, our team jumps into action to triage, contain, and investigate. We eliminate all the false-positives and what’s left are confirmed threats that need your immediate action. This helps you to improve your security team’s productivity and eliminate the wasted time investigating alert noise and false-positives from alerts generated by all your security tools.

Most providers leave it up to you to respond. At Trustwave, an incident response action can be taken by your team or ours with your predefined instructions (response protocols) that we integrate into our SOC workflow for each of your assets.

In the event of a breach, Trustwave SpiderLabs Remote Incident Response experts are available to deploy immediately.

Boost your Security Posture

Trustwave’s Microsoft certified experts instantly become a valuable extension of your team to boost your security posture. In addition to 24x7 detection and response, our elite team of cyber experts from SpiderLabs are actively and continuously tracking sophisticated threats and threat groups to dissect the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by these groups to help us fortify your defenses.

The cumulative knowledge from ongoing threat research, global client engagements, and curated threat intelligence is seamlessly integrated into the Trustwave Managed Service for Microsoft to protect your organization from the latest cyberthreats—coming from inside or outside your organization.

Future-Proof Your Microsoft Investment

Trustwave managed services is a part of the Microsoft CSI Partners and offers Managed Services for Microsoft Sentinel & Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. We’re committed to Microsoft’s forward-facing roadmaps to help you maximize your Microsoft investment well into the future.

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