WEARFITS - apparel try-on and size fitting in AR


WEARFITS - apparel try-on and size fitting in AR


Showcase apparel and footwear products with AR, in order to create a digital experience of shopping

Showcase your products as photo realistic models and give your customers a stunning digital shopping experience by using modern 3D visualization, augmented reality (AR) and size fitting, that will increase sales and decrease number of returns in your e-commerce.

Transform your fashion and footwear company into a digital one with augmented reality and 3D visualisation. WEARFITS provides consulting in the field of implementing AR in retail, especially in apparel and footwear industries.

WEARFITS helps you to showcase fashion and footwear products and give customers a stunning shopping experience. By using augmented reality (AR) and custom technologies we transform fashion products into digital ones, helping brands to modernize the design process, showcase stock with high quality 3D models, allow better analysis based on how clients interact with those models and whether they fit, but also use those models as a new marketing tool in cooperation with digital influencers and gaming industry. In order to do that we’ve built a technology that visualizes products in AR and shows how they fit on a customer.

Augmented Reality gives customers:

  • freedom in viewing products

  • at any angle

  • at any distance

  • in their real home environment

  • using full smartphone screen (or AR glasses pretty soon)

Better client’s experience results in higher shopping conversion and less returns of mismatched purchases.

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