JIRA SAML Single Sign On By miniOrange

Xecurify Inc - Atlassian

JIRA SAML Single Sign On By miniOrange

Xecurify Inc - Atlassian

miniOrange Single Sign-On solution will help you securely authenticate into JIRA using Azure AD

Securely login into JIRA with Azure AD using miniOrange Single Sign-On Solution

Jira SAML Single Sign-On application gives the ability to enable SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) for Atlassian Jira applications such as Jira Software, Jira Service Desk. Along with this our app supports all SAML IDPs including Okta, Auth0, Gluu, AWS, OneLogin, Bitium, Centrify, Office365, Cisco Duo Security, Keycloak, PingFederate, Salesforce, JumpCloud, Azure Active Directory, Azure AD B2C, OpenAM, Oracle Identity Manager, Shibboleth, RSA, WSO2.

JIRA SAML Single Sign-On by miniOrange application supports and can be easily integrated with Azure Active Directory. It helps you to manage your users in one centralized location - the Azure portal. It will also allow you to enable SSO on JIRA and automatically sign in your users with their Azure AD accounts.

More Features:

User Profile

o Unlimited user authentications from Azure AD

o Real-time provision Azure AD users into JIRA to create/delete/update users

o Only allow authenticated users to login / view JIRA instance

o Display your complete Azure AD user profile in JIRA along with user details

User Groups

o Create Azure AD User profile in JIRA and map Azure AD groups to WP roles

o If groups don’t exist locally you can create them using on-the-fly mapping

o Easily update group memberships including assigning & removing

Ease & Flexibility of Access

o Ability to handle Azure AD meta-data sign-in key rollover event

o Guided setup with troubleshooting options

o Step by Step Documentation

o 24/7 Support


o Helps organization to enforce Microsoft MFA for Jira

o Force authentication with Azure AD, Emergency  SSO bypass access

Easy Login & Logout

o Use single login to allow users to access JIRA instance with their existing account in different Azure tenants and Directories.

o Custom login, logout & error page

o SAML Single Logout

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