Managed GitHub Enterprise Server


Managed GitHub Enterprise Server


We completely manage your GitHub Enterprise Server instance in the Azure Region of your choice.

Enable your teams to collaborate successfully. Automate more, deliver faster, and continuously improve. With our Managed Github Enterprise Server Solution on Azure, you can take your team velocity and productivity to the next level. Secure and compliant throughout the process, supported by our Github experts. We are a European company and can host the solution completely in European data centers - compliant with all regulations!

We are Europe's first Github Verified Partner!

What you can expect

We provide a managed service with 24/7 support of a fully configured GitHub Enterprise Server. We provide different levels of SLA.

Our approach

Our onboarding process takes about 4 weeks for new implementations. It consists of the following phases:

Phase 1 - Assessment of current and desired state

Phase 2 - Initial implementation or migration to GitHub Enterprise Server

Phase 3 - Onboarding in our 24x7 DevOps team

Phase 4 - Optimize CI/CD and improve collaboration

Phase 5 – Add additional modules like Runners, GitHub Enterprise Advanced Security, etc

Our promises to you

- Guaranteed data residency in the EU.

- Connect with existing identity providers using Single Sign On (SSO).

- Onboarding of first five engineers included in initial implementation.

- 24/7/365 support

Optional services

- Developer training and onboarding services

- Migration services from different platforms

- Integrate other solutions (Jira, Trello, Azure Boards, SonarQube, and many more)

- Engage with Xpirit as your Cloud Solution Provider or bring your own licenses.

Your benefits

- Accelerate your software delivery and developer productivity

- Secure your software supply chain, your code, and your entire software lifecycle.

- Automate more, deliver faster, and continuously improve your workflows.

- Automate every step of your pipeline, including powerful, flexible CI/CD native to GitHub.

Use the best tooling more than 60 million developers in the world love - in a secure and compliant way for your software delivery!

If you have any questions, please contact us.