Go to Cloud - 5 Day Workshop

Inetum Poland

This workshop will allow your organization to understand what is possible in terms of Migration-to-Cloud.

You will be able to plan your activities and create a roadmap for the migration process.

This is 5-day session is for technical and business stakeholders to understand the opportunities that Azure can provide to their business.


  • A Migration Strategy report describing possible migration scenarios for your subsystems currently-in-use and potential benefits and risks related to migration to a Cloud.
  • After the workshop, the attendees will understand the general scenarios related to migration to Cloud and will be able to create a plan for implementation.


Day 1: Cloud Migration Paths – Creating a foundation for a workshop - presentation and discussions of possible migration paths:

  • Lift-and-Shift - Rehost, Replatform, Container migrations,
  • Refactor-to-a-Cloud – presenting selected scenarios and Azure Services related to Data Processing Apps, BI Migrations, UI Apps and Portals

Day 2: Workshop - interview key technical and business stakeholders regarding current IT environment. Analysis of applicability of certain migration paths for subsystems currently in use.

Days 3-4: Preparation of strategy document summarizing preferred migration strategies for systems currently in use.

Day 5: The Summary Meeting – Presentation of Migration Strategy report and discussions about the necessary preparation for strategy implementation.