Azure Business Case Model Assessment 4-6 Weeks


ACTS Azure Business Case offering analyzes and rationalizes your IT footprint using data and business case modeling that supports and informed cloud transformation decision.

The ACTS Cloud Business Case Modeling Offering analyzes & rationalizes your IT footprint (on-prem & in the cloud) using data & business case modeling that supports an informed cloud transformation decision. ACTS provides the tools, workshops, & analysis necessary to generate a business case & roadmap for your organization’s desired future state. The well documented business case & roadmap includes a 5-year TCO, potential cost savings, optimization, & cost avoidance opportunities. Is your organization facing any of these challenges as you consider cloud transformation?

  • Inability to identify & demonstrate whether moving to the cloud is the right strategic choice
  • Misunderstanding of costs for supporting workloads in cloud versus on-prem
  • Unsure when to migrate workloads to minimize sunk costs & maximize cost avoidance related to hardware refresh cycles or contract renewals while underutilizing on-prem hardware
  • Failure to take the necessary action to deliver business value faster and stay competitive in the marketplace
  • Not able to secure executive buy in by demonstrating the fiscal impact of moving to the cloud

The assessment will include project scope, current state, rationalization & a high-level roadmap to achieve your cloud transformation journey. Thankfully, you do not have to go it alone. If you decide that cloud transformation is the right strategic choice, as your trusted advisors, ACTS will guide & inform your organization as you embark on your journey helping navigate cloud process & governance.

At the end of the assessment, you will receive an executive report detailing your next steps for a successful journey to the cloud delivering the cloud transformation to exceed business expectations.

ACTS’ Cloud Business Case Modeling: