Promotions Optimization using Azure 6-weeks POC

Affine Inc

Promotions Optimization using Azure 6-weeks PoC is designed and developed for Consumer and Retail sectors for robust marketing campaign designing and management with inventory optimization

Key challenges in current marketing promotional activities are lack of intelligence on competitor and market trends, seasonality not accounted while planning promotional campaigns, inaccurate inventory management, lack of customized campaigns based on latest market trends and missing a holistic promotions design and tracking system.

Our marketing promotions optimization solution help to improve marketing promotions effectiveness by incorporating seasonal variation, demand elasticity and competitive insights into the existing promotional framework. The focus of this PoC is to leverage advanced Azure services to create a holistic promotional design and tracking system.

The solution leverages Azure services such as Azure ML Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL, Azure Functions etc.

Agenda (6-weeks):

  • Data Profile Creation: Creation of a holistic data profile by including social media and seasonal data into current data
  • Seasonal Forecasting & Campaign Design: Seasonal forecasting to custom-design campaigns based on seasonal & market variations
  • Social Media Analytics & Campaign Improvement: Social media analytics to design highly competitive and targeted campaigns
  • Inventory Planning & Dashboard Consumption: Automated dashboard suite to monitor campaign performance and inventory stock levels


  • Improved ROI on promotional campaigns
  • Improved sales and brand awareness due to accurate seasonal marketing
  • Reduced stock-outs due to inventory optimization

Why Affine

Enabling business focused data science, AI and BI development with deep domain expertise. Affine believes in faster design to faster deployment through key differentiators- Experimentation Focus and Speed to Value.