Azure Infrastructure Readiness: 4-Wk Assessment

Agilisys Ltd

Microsoft Azure ICT infrastructure assessment. We identify utilisation, and interdependencies to provide Rough Order of Magnitude timescales and costs for migration of your estate to Azure.

Initial Discovery provides an assessment of a your back office ICT infrastructure for suitability to migrate to Microsoft Azure. We use a low impact process that assesses the initial information that you provide about your back-office server, storage and backup infrastructure and uses a clientless discovery tool over a one week period to quickly identify the server estate, configuration, utilisation and system interdependencies. Following validation of the information through sessions hosted by our analyst and infrastructure architect with your team, we determine the systems and interdependencies between them to provide an diagrammatic overview of each systems dependences and connections, with a Rough Order of Magnitude cloud migration timescales and costs with and ongoing cloud running costs.

Offered on a fixed price basis, Agilisys' Initial Discovery provides a low impact, insightful assessment of your ICT estate to facilitate your journey to Microsoft Azure. The assessment is particularly suitable to provide the insight required to provide the foundation information to build your cloud strategy and inform the associated business case and programme planning.

Our team provide the discovery report in Powerpoint format in a final presentation to your team where we provide : A presentation providing a • High-level overview of yourcurrent back-office ICT infrastructure • Rough Order of Magnitude costs for the migration and ongoing run of systems on Microsoft Azure, including our assessment of the potential optimisation and transformation of your estate • System formation information, server mapping, resource profiles and inter-dependency information