Data and Digital Foundations development: 8-Wk Assessment


By implementing new data platforms on Azure, our data foundation service will bring your data strategy and roadmap to life. If you have an existing data platform, we’ll teach it some new tricks so you

We are a creative tech company specialising in data and information. Our expert services as well as our AI and machine learning technologies deliver data and digital outcomes for real business impact using Microsoft technology. Our Services put data at the heart of your digital service transformation, delivering insight that drives positive outcomes for your business.

We recognise that every organisation has a data city,multiple pockets of data spanning across the organisation and, at times, across multiple source systems. To make the most out of this information, we want to make the lives of every data consumer as easy as possible to navigate, utilise and benefit from the data and subsequent insights within. At times, the data platforms within organisations become unused, underutilised, or oversubscribed.

To overcome these challenges, we work with organisations and run a period of discovery to understand the current platform, explore the ways of working and provide an initial high-level guidance and recommendations to help elevate the existing platforms or build a new Azure led platform providing clarity on the target vision. We do this by unpicking what the goals are for the platform transformation, understand the outcomes and drivers from your data teams as well as from your business users, explore the challenges and identify opportunities for evolving the capability.

This is an iterative process where we want to bring together all stakeholders of the data platform. We create high-level use groups and understand their demand of the data platform. We go through a series of workshops and interviews to understand the key drivers, opportunities and challenges of their data along with understanding their current processes and activities. We also take a deep dive into your existing platforms, reviewing your pipelines, tooling and processes to understand the current As-Is baseline and explore where the pain points are with the current landscape. All of this is conducted over a period of 8 to 10 weeks to give ample time for aligning stakeholder’s calendars and ensuring ample time for review and iteration of the outcomes.

The following are key areas of benefit we focus on and consider as part of our recommendations: • Drive new data initiatives, upgrade existing ones, or improve outcomes • Provide teams with the foundations to build new Microsoft Azure data products and digital experiences • Maximise value of data assets through an Azure data platform and appropriate supporting tooling • Set up foundation for analytics, data science, machine learning and AI • Leverage analytical and reporting tools such as Power BI with ease, promoting the self-service of data and information • Build trust in your data through curated and certified datasets • Apply data security and role-based access • Centralised platform for applying data governance and security • Make accessing data easier for everyone who needs it • Drive transformation towards a data-driven and digital-first organisation

The outcome of this work is to provide tangible actions and recommendations to elevate your data capabilities across your organisation, including:• Clarity of how to increase your data capability across your organisation • A set of tangible recommendations and approaches to explore next as part of your data journey • An understanding of industry standards to data lifecycle management across Azure based platforms • Increased understanding of how to better support domain experts across your organisation

We will work to deliver the following key artifacts: • A consolidated view of high level user groups articulating their needs of a data platform • A recommendations deck to cover the current platform, the opportunities, and challenges as well as key tangible areas of focus and recommendations to support your data journey • A deck overview of the future logical architecture and component options for the future vision of the platform


W1 - Kick Off Introduction Meeting Planning High Level Vision Discovery Workshop Stakeholder Mapping

W2 - Discovery Data Landscape Discovery Platform Reviews

W3 - Discovery Further Platform Reviews Data Process Flow Workshops Stakeholder Interviews

W4 - Discovery Capability / Expertise Review Stakeholder Interviews Data Standards / Modern Azure Data Platform Presentations

W5 - Outputs Stakeholder Requirements Map Iteration 1 Platform Roadmap Iteration 1 Technology Expertise Roadmap Iteration 1

W6 - Outputs Stakeholder Requirements Map Iteration 1 Review Platform Roadmap Iteration 1 Review Technology Expertise Roadmap Iteration 1 Review

W7 - Outputs Stakeholder Requirements Map Iteration 2 Platform Roadmap Iteration 2 Technology Expertise Roadmap Iteration 2

W8 - Outputs Stakeholder Requirements Map Iteration 2 Review Platform Roadmap Iteration 2 Review Technology Expertise Roadmap presntat