DevOps Assessment Services: 4-Week


Anblicks assess your organization's DevOps maturity for an effective Azure-based DevOps automation to streamline and improve the efficiency of your software development lifecycle.

Anblicks provides an effective roadmap and strategy for cloud operations, multi-cloud infrastructure transformation, and revenue reduction by leveraging multi-fold benefits on the Azure Cloud. We also help define Azure services to your business with a comprehensive plan of action for migration. Our Azure experts will consult suitable needs considering business gaps and workload types by mending gaps between infrastructure, applications, DevOps, and security.

Anblicks provides Azure services with a comprehensive cloud strategy assessment and planning for cloud & application migration by gaining end-to-end visibility. Our services focus on:

  • Mending gaps between infrastructure, applications, DevOps, and security
  • Define roadmap for cloud implementation
  • Cost optimization for smooth Azure-based cloud operations
  • Tooling and automation of all devices on Azure cloud configuration
  • Defining hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure transformation strategy

Customer Benefits

  • Accelerate Time to Market
  • Reduce SRE cost up to 60%
  • Minimize deployment related downtime up to 60%
  • Increase Quality
  • Improved Collaboration