Hadoop to Azure Databricks Migration - 8 to 10 Weeks Implementation


Anblicks helps you migrate Hadoop HDFS/Hive/Impala/Kudu databases to Azure Databricks with no data loss and bring together all your data and ML workloads for faster decision making .

Running your analytics on-premises is inconvenient and expensive. Even though Hadoop is one of the most powerful big data technologies, it is not designed for small files, cannot handle live data reliably, has poor processing speed, is inefficient for iterative processing, is inefficient for caching, and has other issues.

Regardless of your on-premises supplier, our migration solution has you covered. We assist you in migrating your big data workloads to Azure Databricks, an Apache SparkTM-based platform that is quick, simple, and collaborative. It unifies all of your data and machine learning workloads, enabling AI innovation, lowering costs, and improving decision-making.

Why migrate from Hadoop to Azure Databricks?

  • Data Reliability Issues -Delayed jobs, corrupt data -Inconsistent schemas -No roll-backs

  • Rigid Inflexible Clusters -Unresponsive to business needs -Hardware procurement cycles -Rigid cluster configurations

  • Low Productivity -Complex and expensive to maintain (admins, prominent data engineers, etc.) -Upgrades, maintenance delays -Siloed AI/Data Environments

Offerings of Hadoop to Azure Databricks Migration

  • Push-button solution to migrate Hadoop HDFS/Hive/Impala/Kudu databases to Databricks
  • Supports Hadoop On-prem or Cloud
  • Free self-service analyzer
  • Supports both Schema-only and Schema and Data migration
  • Incremental or full migrations
  • Comprehensive metrics
  • Automatic validation and testing of data migrated

Benefits of Migrating to Databricks

  • Saves up to 40% costs and 60% in time due to automatic schema and data migration
  • Better control over the data migration process with the tool
  • Reduce the cost of scaling data management and analytics
  • Make better, quicker business decisions