Managed data Platform with CoE:12-M Implementation

ANS Group Limited

Data Platforms combine multiple cloud services to meet your end to end data needs. Bespoke Data Platforms provide under the hood data service management with Centre of Excellence Support

ANS will provide to you on-going support for the Azure data platform. Our co-managed service offering is delivered over 6 pillars, Expert Access, Data Operations, Efficiency Management, Security & Governance, Sigma & Center of Excellence. This on-going support will give you the security of knowing we’re on-hand to help resolve any issues while in production, but the freedom and flexibility to use the platform how you want to use it, with reassurance ANS are available with support should you need it.

ANS’ co-managed service will provide you with all of the capability and functionality required to support a modern data platform in the cloud, specifically focused on your data warehousing and analytics requirements but beyond that to architecture design governance and future integration requirements. It supports the full lifecycle of a modern data platform and will ensure it is always running at optimal performance providing you with the analytics power needed to gain that competitive advantage.

This service is developed with the optional ANS Sigma Framework. Sigma is a framework with ‘just in time (JIT)’ modules that can be deployed or enabled quickly and seamlessly by ANS. It adheres to Microsoft best practices and validated architecture. In addition to this JIT delivery model, you will also benefit from new Microsoft updates and features as it is designed to integrate with Azure core services to provide a consistent view regardless of which modules are deployed.

Utilising DevOps to make it easier to combine the multiple Microsoft service stacks such as Azure, Power Platform and Dynamics 365 - We take a combined approach towards DevOps & DataOps with our Sigma platform to provide a unique experience to your users. Our Sigma platform is heavily integrated with Azure DevOps to leverage the amazing capabilities provided and the DataOps methodology to provide the innovation pipelines within Azure Synapse to encourage you to unlock the true potential of their data.