Sentinel Check Navigator

ANS Group Limited

Ensure your Microsoft Sentinel platform is optimised and configured to Microsoft best practice

ANS' Sentinel Check Navigator will ensure your security operations tooling is optimised, configured to Microsoft best practice and above all, is providing the support you need to detect and combat the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape.

We will provide an assessment to understand how your Microsoft Sentinel platform has been deployed, configured, optimised and is used with your security operations processes and teams. Once this assessment has been completed you’ll be in a position to drive innovation, increase risk management and reduce the threat landscape through the adoption of modern techniques and services from within the Microsoft Sentinel platform.

The outputs: You’ll receive a set of recommendations and guidance to further enhance, optimise and drive modernisation, through automation, orchestration and operational tooling from within the Sentinel platform, thus driving the efficiency of the security operations team. You’ll also have a clear understanding of where the environment can be monitored and managed more effectively.