Federal Application Innovation: 4 Wk POC

Applied Information Sciences

AIS’ Application Innovation helps you Modernize and migrate your “lead-horse” application to Azure PaaS.

Empower your organization to continuously modernize applications with low risk and high flexibility with a POC container-based migration on Azure PaaS. This 4-week engagement delivers a POC application migration in a “Landing Zone” on Azure Government. The Proof of Concept (POC) engagement is often followed by an agile, phased migration and modernization effort to continuously modernize your application portfolio for reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and time to market.

Our Approach:

  • Week One: Review Cloud Strategy roadmap, Motivations for moving the application to the cloud, MVP Landing Zone requirements, Characteristics of a lead horse application gathering, Review of Azure PaaS offerings

  • Week Two: Setup a DevOps repository, Setup the MVP Landing Zone, Setup infrastructure telemetry, Conduct lead horse application assessment, Assess “containerizability”, Provision target PaaS cluster (App Service, AKS), Assess Cloud Readiness

  • Week Three: Generate Docker image (Windows and Linux), Deploy the lead horse to Azure PaaS, Setup Azure Monitor Telemetry for infrastructure and application

  • Week Four: Validate Landing Zone and migrated application, Setup Azure Monitor Dashboards to validate the infrastructure and application telemetry, Next Steps

Why AIS?:

AIS' experience with Authority to Operate (ATO), Cloud Access Point (CAP), and Cloud Infrastructure build in large, highly regulated environments paired with un-matched application modernization capabilities will put your organization on the right path to cloud transformation.