Apption Data Assessment for AI Readiness : 1 Week

Apption Corporation

Data quality is at the heart of AI. Is your Data ready? - We assess your data (quality/contents) for launching your own AI initiatives or utilize Microsoft's Cognitive Services using your data.

Is your organization ready to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Are you prepared to leverage Microsoft AI and Cognitive Services using your existing Azure data assets? Have you already tried already and failed to realize the anticipated benefits?

Analyzing the quality of your data is the first step to AI success and leveraging AI in Azure and other environments.

Avoid the mistakes other organizations make by rushing into AI and ML initiatives without determining the readiness of your data with Apption's Data Assessment for AI Readiness service.

In a typical scenario, Apption assesses your key data assets using a combination of proven processes and proprietary AI technology to assess your data on several critical areas:

  1. Data anomalies that lead to inconsistent AI outcomes (Bias, Null Values, and other Data Anomalies).
  2. Pre-Assessment for PowerBI and Microsoft AI Programs
  3. Trending and AI consistency analysis - implementing solutions for you to monitor and maintain oversight of your AI Programs.
  4. Data Privacy - Assess your data for privacy concerns and keep your AI programs compliant with Data Regulations.
  5. Use Case Suitability - Having handled numerous AI/ML and Analytics programs; we provide insight into your intended use and provide solutions to improve success.

Using our Data Assessment for AI Readiness your will receive:

  1. A complete and detailed analysis of your target data assets with recommendations to prepare for AI / ML programs
  2. Trial of our Datahunter platform to perform analysis of your Azure data
  3. Insights to ensure your Azure AI programs remain consistent, controlled, reliable, and scalable
  4. Recommendations on data privacy to ensure your AI programs remain compliant with data regulations

Apption can also provide customized services to provide a subset or additional services. Our key is to provide your team success in leveraging AI/ML and your data while managing risk and regulation compliance.