Azure Infrastructure Migration In A Box

Dynapt INC

Dynapt, Inc “Azure Infrastructure Migration In A Box”. This package provides IT admins the help they need to migrate Infrastructure to Azure securely and in a timely manner.

Dynapt, Inc. "Migration In A Box" program offers an assessment, and migration of up to 25 VM’s from on-premise or from other clouds to Azure as a packaged offering at $15,000. We will in parallel, register your project with Microsoft for potential funding to help offset the cost. Dynapt will - Prepare Azure Resources for your servers and applications to be migrated to Azure, we first set up Azure Migrate for the assessment, set up the Microsoft blueprint landing zone and all infrastructure components. This includes a Site Recovery vault, as this will be the starting point for the ASR protected instances. Dynapt will then deploy an instance for running the process server component. The process server needs access to the VMs running your servers and applications. Finally, we make all the required registrations of the process server with the configuration’s server. Discover and “Protect” VMs in Azure We discover all of your assets and document for your records. We create a protection group and use the “add physical machine” workflow to identify all instances. We may use private IP addresses of the instances to discover them. After discovery, all the VMs/Apps identified begin to replicate to Azure. This can be the long part of the engagement, depending on the size of the virtual machines, the network capacity and the process server. Once this initial replication is successful, we are ready for migration. Migration In A Box! At this point, we perform a failover action and migrate your servers and applications to Azure. We then test, validate and verify performance. Lastly, we assist with clean up such as deleting your old instances and disable protection on ASR since these resources are no longer needed.