AI Kickstart Program: 5-Day Workshop


Make better decisions by adding Azure AI, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to your data.

To make sure this year becomes the year of AI for your company, we have a limited consulting offer. We developed a 5-day-AI-kickstart-program that is focused on data discovery and data insights to see what data you have and can be used for Azure AI projects. Our kickstart program will help you understand what it takes to become a data-driven organization and give you insight in the Azure AI platform. During the program, we will define potential proof-of-concepts and determine a roadmap to use the full potential of your data, and turn it into AI with Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

An agenda of the workshop:

  • Day 1: Kick-off session with your project owner to identify your mid-range (3-5years) strategic goals and how AI-enabled technologies can help reach them.
  • Day 2: Identify AI-powered business cases with a focus on low risk, high value based on outcomes kick-off session
  • Day 3: Business-case oriented assessment of required data sources, storage, management and integration
  • Day 4: Creation of the workshop report and AI roadmap
  • Day 5: Presentation of the detailed roadmap on how to start with the top AI-enabled business cases, and which Azure AI services can be used to turn the roadmap into reality.