Security Baselines: 2 Weeks Implementation

Atech Support

Fixed implementation of security baselines in line with industry and Microsoft security best practices.

This service enables clients to get started with or extend their use of Microsoft Azure by providing them with the expertise and capabilities they require.

Key deliverables of the service are

  • a Security baseline analysis report presenting the as-is and highlighting risks and opportunities
  • a Baseline policy roadmap which illustrates areas for alignment with frameworks and best practice standards
  • pre-implementation and post-implementation documentation and reporting

These are delivered over the following phases:

  1. Discovery - Undertake assessment of the existing set up to validate if there are any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. This will enable a gap analysis to be built to compare against defined and recommended security baselines, all of which meet best practices.
  2. Document Baselines - Once the discovery phase is complete the findings will be presented to you to include the baseline policies to create a secure and scalable configuration. A timeline for the implementation of these configurations will also be presented for approval to proceed.
  3. Implementation - Deployment of the agreed baseline configurations to an agreed timeline.
  4. Project Closure/handover - Following a successful deployment, configuration documentation will be provided as well as a system walkthrough for familiarisation.

The implementation stage gives clients full control of their security environment, measuring and reporting all results and outcomes.

This baseline consulting service can be supplemented by Atech's Microsoft Security Managed service post-implementation.

We offer a range of security solution implementations utilising products available in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. The 2-week implementation is a fixed cost to assess your current environment and provide a plan to implement security best practises throughout your environment. Prices start from £6,120 for below 50 users to £20,260 for 100-1500 users.