Free VMware on Azure Roadmap: 2-day Assessment


Includes an overview of Azure VMware Solutions (AVS), an assessment of your VMware environment, as well as pricing options for running your existing VMware nodes in Azure.

Seamlessly migrate and run existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Azure.

Atmosera’s expert cloud assessment delivers a clear roadmap with options to make informed decisions:

  • Rely on Atmosera’s certified Azure experts to provide you with the confidence to know if AVS is a fit for your current and desired state
  • Evaluate workloads and sizing requirements, prioritize business needs, and understand tradeoffs in comparison to how operations are done today
  • Gain access to exclusive presale support from internal Microsoft and VMware resources, as well as post-sale Microsoft Premier Support, through an engagement with Atmosera

Industry-Leading AVS Knowledge * VMware Cloud Verified Partner * Azure Expert MSP (1 of 65 Globally)

Up to 2 days of assessment work * Accelerate decision timelines * Ensure successful deployments * Improve business outcomes * Migrate legacy and custom apps with ease * Understand what’s included and what isn’t * Leverage VMware familiarity while eliminating VMware support costs * Validate Azure can deliver your requirements * Eliminate surprise costs and create a budget with confidence