Avanade Smart Digital Manufacturing

Avanade, Inc.

Unlock more from your data to optimize your operations and make improved business decisions.

McKinsey Global Institute estimates $2T annual impact of Azure AI and analytics on supply chain management and manufacturing.

Avanade’s Intelligent Manufacturing for Microsoft Azure solution looks across the entire manufacturing lifecycle, with pre-built assets to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey. Our staged delivery approach is tested and proven and allows you to gain incremental value while moving towards your grand vision starting with high priority use cases with meaningful expected business impact. Organizations are partnering with Avanade in their multi-phase journeys and seeing quick returns on their investment.

Select use cases (non-exhaustive) include: Inbound and Outbound Logistics, Inventory Management, Digital Twin Asset Monitoring & Management, Cognitive Asset Optimization (Predictive and Proactive Maintenance), Quality Assurance & Optimization

The 12-week foundational MVP will deliver an intelligent factory architecture on Azure, standing up a digital twin to enable you to gain insights in near-real time and optimize your operations, driving business and sustainability outcomes like reduction in energy costs, reduction in waste and scrap, improved asset utilization and decreased downtime. For organizations further in the maturity curve, support can be provided directly (or after the 12-week foundational MVP) to scale to the next set of use cases, assets, production lines and factories.

Avanade has also partnered with Databricks to launch an Intelligent Manufacturing Brickbuilder solution, built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform on Azure.

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.