IntelliBridge is Birlasoft’s one-stop-shop platform created explicitly for channel partners to provide them with all the information needed on the OEMs/products. It offers an enhanced and uniform user

IntelliBridge is a comprehensive solution and application designed to streamline the entire order-to-cash process efficiently within teams.

IntelliBridge, developed by Birlasoft, serves as a centralized platform exclusively crafted for channel partners, equipping them with all the necessary information regarding OEMs and products. It ensures a consistent and enhanced user experience across both web and mobile applications.

This innovative framework, hosted on Azure, offers an automated platform to channel partners, including dealers, distributors, retailers, and influencers. Its primary goal is to facilitate the seamless tracking of the end-to-end journey from order placement to cash collection.

IntelliBridge stands out by providing a unified and improved user interface, accessible through web and mobile applications. It's a versatile solution applicable to various B2B or B2C businesses, eliminating the need for OEM-specific (e.g., Oracle ERP) solutions, while being hosted on Microsoft Azure.

This solution encompasses all facets of the order-to-cash process and complex supply chain logistics. It caters to industries where supply chain management is critical, especially when customers prefer not to maintain large inventories and prefer direct sales.

IntelliBridge ensures that valuable data is readily available to distributors, dealers, sub-dealers, and retailers through a user-friendly app, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

With its customized framework, hassle-free application, and a user interface offering all order-to-cash options, real-time visibility into the entire cycle is guaranteed.

Upon implementation, this solution promises to significantly reduce capital expenditures associated with establishing communication centers and employing numerous personnel to address queries and analyze operations.