Azure Databricks: 1-Day Workshop


In this on-site workshop, attendees will receive a detailed overview of Azure Databricks, giving them an understanding of where and how it fits into the Azure Data Platform.

In this Azure Databricks Workshop, BlueGranite consultants will lead a demonstration of the core functionality within Azure Databricks along with hands-on labs and a use-case discovery.

This expertly designed framework will leave attendees with the knowledge they need to take full advantage of Azure Databricks capabilities and set them up for success with the platform.

Part 1: Databricks Overview Gain an understanding of Databricks and where it fits with the Azure Data Platform. Decide where and how it will have the most impact for your team.

Part 2: Demonstration See how easy it is to set up and Azure Databricks Workspace, spin up clusters, and create notebooks. Look at how ingest and transform data from both static and streaming data sources. Review some of the security, admin, and job scheduling functions.

Part 3: Hands-On Labs Spend the afternoon working a series of hands-on-labs that explore spinning up clusters, working with different data sources, transforming and visualizing data, and deploying and scheduling jobs.

Cost is dependent upon location, travel time, and any additional consulting hours required.