Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Proof of Concept

boxxe Limited

Empowering flexible, secure hybrid working with a highly scalable AVD solution.

Today’s business landscape is changing rapidly, with more pressure than ever to stay agile and work from anywhere. With Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), you can provide your employees a modern Windows experience along with all the apps they need to stay productive.

Designed to get you up and running with AVD in Azure as quickly as possible, the boxxe 3-week Proof of Concept (PoC) is designed to give you a deeper practical understanding of the technology behind AVD and show you the benefits of modernizing your desktop solution.

Boxxe will take you though the assessment and planning phase, into the execution of the PoC and providing live support while you test your new user environment. We then provide you a clear roadmap to production so you can scale up to a fully working solution.

boxxe offer a range of AVD services, our Modern Desktop on Demand service is powered by Microsoft’s Azure public cloud to give you the benefits of resiliency combined with a truly efficient modern desktop and excellent service all at simple cost.

You can connect securely to this desktop from most common devices allowing a great deal of flexibility. Whether it is using the Windows client, iOS, or Android device you can connect and stay productive.

What you get from a boxxe 3-week AVD PoC: • Up to 30 user access • Deeper Insights in AVD technology on Azure • Confidence that workload will run well on the platform • Additional experience on the platform • First fully functional AVD image with Office, Microsoft Teams, 1 application and 1 network drive mapped (reusable for production) • Roadmap to AVD in production

Other POC designs are available, however this will result in a different charging structure.