Data Warehouse Maintenance Introduction: 1-hour Briefing


Discover the Data Warehouse maintenance offer during a meeting with our maintenance team.

We can observe such a need already at the final stage of development carried out by the implementation team. Frequent market practice is to outsource the processes of maintaining a Data Warehouse to external companies. Britenet has a qualified maintenance department specializing in Microsoft solutions, which can cover your Data Warehouse with continuous monitoring of data processing processes, administrative support (permissions and management), error handling, Data Warehouse performance tuning as well as support in case of change request development or updates in the Data Warehouse area.

Does your company need a Data Warehouse maintenance service? Does the IT department have its own responsibilities and does not have the internal resources to maintain the Data Warehouse? Does your company need a professional Data Warehouse maintenance service on the Azure platform? Does your company know how to optimize the costs of maintaining a Data Warehouse built on the Microsoft Azure platform?

Take advantage of the Data Warehouse maintenance service. Our specialists can monitor your Data Warehouse even 24/7 as well as maintain the Data Warehouse's performance at a high level and handle day-to-day administrative tasks. Proven methods and many years of experience of our specialists will help in the efficient functioning of the entire Data Warehouse.

Usually, the maintenance of a Data Warehouse covers key, permanent areas:

  • access administration
  • performance management
  • monitoring of ETL / ELT processes
  • Data Warehouse updates and conservation works.

The Data Warehouse maintenance process is an essential technical process in any organization that collects data in a structured manner within the Data Warehouse. Usually, it is run on the basis of a ticketing system (so-called helpdesk) and settled in accordance with the SLA assumptions set individually to the client's needs.

You will receive:

  • Data Warehouse maintenance service in the agreed scope of responsibility.


  • Business/IT decision-makers
  • Business analysts
  • Management

Note: For the Data Warehouse maintenance project, we complete a dedicated maintenance team (usually a first support line that accepts notifications and supports the notification system, and a second support line responsible for technical support). The Data Warehouse maintenance contract is usually signed for a definite period of time with the possibility of periodic extension and potential costs will be discussed during the 1-hour introduction meeting.