Cloud Native: 10-weeks POC

Canarys Automations Pvt Ltd

POC on Cloud Native deployment using AKS, Azure Kubernetes. POC on Containerization of the Apps using Docker, microservices and serverless functions
### Overview Canarys will work with your teams to plan, prioritize and containerize the systems (identified for POC) to a container-based architecture on Azure orchestrated using AKS. Configure Azure Pipelines for deploying application on AKS. Deploy and test various scenarios like horizontal scaling, self-healing, load balancing etc ### Cloud-native Technologies (AKS) Application Migration POC Assistance in the design & development of cloud native applications based on microservices and serverless functions Containerization of the Apps using Docker, Kubernetes and Azure Container Services Re-architect Legacy .NET Applications to Cloud Native Applications and leverage key cloud-native technologies including serverless computing, containers and microservices. ### Cost Estimation The price is estimated and may vary based on: * Selected strategy * Size & complexity of the application * Approach and number of applications * Other incidental costs