AI Data Engineering : 1 Day Assessment

Capgemini Group

AI Data Engineering Data Platform

Capgemini Data & AI GROUP Portfolio implements our Corporate Strategic Framework which consists of the following • Customer First Data & AI Solutions • Intelligent industry Data & AI Foundations • Enterprise Management Data & AI Solutions while accelerating Cloud Data & AI Engineering journey for the enterprise clients; AI & Data Engineering reference architecture for Azure leverages best of the Azure cloud native technologies such as Synapse, Purview creating a distributed ready and flexible data platform capabilities following Data mesh principles.

Our Offerings on AI & Data Engineering:

  1. Trusted Data as a business asset
  2. Data Estate Modernization & BI powered by IDEA
  3. AI & Data Engineering @ Scale
  4. Data platform as Code (IDEA)

Our clients’ journey with Data, AI & Analytics to the cloud is driven by the imperative needs for innovation, speed to value, scalability and cost reduction. The Data & AI-Powered Enterprise requires trusted and secure Data as a Product at scale in a hybrid cloud context. We have built a set of assets to empower our clients during the entire life cycle of data transformation according to their maturity level.

Our main asset IDEA by Capgemini (Industrialized Data & ai Engineering Acceleration):

  1. Lower the delivery time by 40%
  2. Overall reduction in the data modernization process by 30-50%
  3. 40% faster time to value
  4. Turbo charge the discovery & data migration process
  5. Infuse security and trust from start
  6. Industrialized end-to-end data processing relying on a Azure native services backbone
  7. Flexible module-based deployment.

Key benefits to the client: • Ensure Supply Chain continuity – Manage/Minimize supplier risk • Fast marketing pivot to new consumer behaviors • Rapid mobilization of additional workforces to support operational upswing • Training and qualification of workforce to be service/customer ready in short window • Collaboration zones to drive problem resolution in new virtual environment • Users can remotely connect to their testing/training/production environment and be guided in executing transactions, with no need for consultants to assist

Assessment & Discover workshop • Define a Data Strategy to Azure • Evaluate Current Data Engineering Platform • Determine Enterprise Data Management Data & AI Solutions