Application Modernization: 10-Day Assessment

ChaiOne, Inc.

Partner with ChaiOne to assess your legacy applications, develop a successful modernization strategy and seamlessly migrate to Azure.

Application modernization can increase your IT productivity, speed up your go-to-market process and greatly reduce bugs in your product release. But how do you know if your application is ready to modernize, and how do you determine the best strategy for a smooth transition?

ChaiOne, in partnership with CloudHedge Technologies, simplifies the complex process of app modernization. The journey starts with our 10-Day Application Modernization Assessment, where we evaluate your application’s cloud readiness and provide you with a strategic roadmap to modernization.

At the end of our short assessment period, you’ll have the confidence and strategy you need to modernize your apps using the power of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Top Advantages of App Modernization

  • Enhances the customer experience by allowing you to seamlessly implement new product features and software integrations
  • Reduces maintenance costs and minimizes risks of supporting outdated technologies
  • Safeguards your data with continuous security updates

Timeline & Deliverables

Day 1: Alignment Workshop

  • Align your key business and technology stakeholders on goals and outcomes
  • Review modernization best practices
  • Review current application architecture
  • Identify applications to be assessed

Days 2-5: Application Assessment

  • Installation of the CloudHedge OmniDeq assessment tool
  • Automated assessment of identified applications for cloud readiness
  • Configure and assess up to 100 virtual machines

Days 6-9: Develop Strategic Modernization Plan

  • Review assessment report
  • Develop plan for application modernization and migration to Azure
  • Create timeline and define scope of modernization project

Day 10: Modernization Workshop

  • Deliver full plan and estimate
  • Review roadmap with prioritization exercise