Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Workshop_3 days


3 days’ workshop helps decision makers align strategies for business, culture, and technical change to achieve desired business outcomes.

At Click2Cloud, we provide an end-to-end holistic approach to cloud adoption, from determining your business goals to implementing specific action items, including Planning, Solution Assessment, CAF Workshop, Landing zone, and Industry Solutions ((Pilot/Proof of Concept) across industries. Conduct 3 Days workshop- Define the Strategy, Plan & Ready workshop to help define high level cloud strategy and adoption plan. Ready & Govern workshop is to define Azure landing zone design. Also, helps to understand all elements of the transition to cloud. Click2Cloud’s Governance workshop is fully aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework roadmap. You will get benefits from our deep knowledge of cloud infrastructure, skills, tools and applications. This means your strategy leverages the full automation, scalability and agility that cloud offers. By using Cloud Adoption Framework best practises, organisations are better able to align their business and technical strategies to ensure success. CAF Workshop outline:

  • DAY 1 I Governance
  • DAY 2 I Architecture
  • DAY 3 I Review Deliverables:
  • Executive Summary Presentation of the suggestions Plan for Implementing Governance Cloud core infrastructure scope.