Data Warehouse Modernization Assessment


Click2Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization Assessment helps you migrate legacy Data Warehouse appliances to Azure or modernize existing Data Warehouse as quickly, safely, and affordably as possible.

The limitations of legacy Data Warehouses prevent enterprises from realizing their full business potential. High maintenance costs impact scalability and cripple improvements. A modernized Data Warehouse can handle much bigger volumes of data and perform complex operations on multiple data types, allowing you to gain in-depth insights and improve scalability while reducing maintenance costs.

Click2Cloud facilitates the modernization of your Data Warehouse and leverages the capabilities of the Azure platform to deliver highly scalable solutions for integrating data of any complexity.

Using the Azure technology stack, Click2Cloud provides Data Warehouse Modernization Assessment, analyzes your current Data Warehouse, and develops a plan to implement a modern Data Warehouse on Azure.

At Click2Cloud, we provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions and services that assist you with every step of the modernization journey, including solution assessment, a cloud adoption framework, a landing zone, and industry-specific solutions.

Key Deliverables:

• Discovery: Data collection and evaluation

• Assessment of the current Data Warehouse

• Cloud readiness assessment

• Migration/modernization plan on Azure

• Modernization roadmap

• Evaluation of the effort needed to migrate or modernize the Data Warehouse

• Financial analysis: TCO/ROI - Estimates for PoC and execution

• Reporting and recommendations

• Future plan

This assessment will demonstrate all aspects of the proposed solutions, and we will work with you through all the stages of Data Warehouse Modernization. Get started with Click2Cloud today!