SAP on Azure Migration Assessment


Click2Cloud provides SAP on Azure Migration Assessment, which assesses the existing SAP environment and provides compatibility analysis for Azure migration.

It is crucial to understand your SAP workloads to migrate them successfully to Microsoft Azure. Through this assessment, Click2Cloud provides a comprehensive understanding of your current SAP landscape and helps you align your application migration priorities with your business goals and propose a customizable, flexible migration plan to migrate your legacy SAP workloads to Azure.

We also provide an SAP migration assessment report, including a list of current performance and usage metrics and suggested migration steps.

Benefits of SAP on Azure:

• A strong analytics capability provides real-time reporting

• Simplifies and reduces operation

• Provides the ability to run all SAP database solutions

• Easy and quick deployment

• Reduces your total cost expenditures

• Scalability on Azure can be achieved at any time

Key Deliverables:

• Discovery

• Assessment of the current SAP landscape

• Azure cloud landscape overview and migration benefits

• Customizable migration plan, effort estimate, and optimization plan

• Financial analysis associated with migration, infrastructure, and services

• Reporting and recommendations

• Clear next steps

Assessment Outcomes:

• Understanding of the current overall IT landscape and SAP environment

• A closer look at the benefits and challenges of migrating SAP workloads to Azure

• A priority list for application migrations

• Azure migration clear steps

• An overview of financial analysis

• Detailed assessment report

• Future plan