Azure and Microsoft 365 License Consultancy: 4-Days Assessment

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Increase your Microsoft license productivity with software inventory management (Azure & Microsoft 365) Cloud services migration consultancy (Azure & Microsoft 365)

Make your investments right for the long and short term with Software Inventory Management and License Management Consultancy. Lower your costs. Get a competitive advantage with the help of technology. 4 days assessment on to understand Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure product. Enable the tools which are not used. Full assessment of owned license.
Software Inventory & License Management is the whole of studies aimed at effectively managing inventory services, reducing IT costs and increasing efficiency by taking inventory and monitoring of hardware and software that are connected to a certain network or working alone.

  • Accurate reporting, monitoring and management of changes in existing inventory​
  • Obtaining the right inventory for your needs with the principle of high benefit and low cost​
  • Retiring inventory when management costs exceed utility costs​
  • Obtaining the necessary information for licensing and contract renewals in compliance with corporate policies
  • You can optimize your Azure services by using this assessment and monitor it weekly bases
  • You can see how efficient, if you use Azure services only not any other one