Managed Service for Azure (MSP): 1-HR Briefing


The Cloud Management Service provided by CloudRiches enables enterprises to enjoy the benefits of rich resources and optimal cloud architecture.

Microsoft Azure managed services entitle end-to-end management of your Azure architecture.

This includes migration of your existing IT landscape to a custom Azure cloud solution, zero disruption transition, and modernization for your application, platform, software, networks, and data assets.

Guarantee high availability, industry-best uptime, scalability, and uninterrupted continuity.

A move to Azure ensures high application availability, industry-best uptime, scalable computing and storage, and uninterrupted continuity.

Via dedicated automation tools, streamline administration of your Azure workloads with ease, guarantee universal visibility of workflows, and gain predictive threat management as well as preventive maintenance with self-healing.

A compliant-ready architecture solves all your data locality-sovereignty woes and native cloud tools guarantee unprecedented extra benefits such as Data intelligence, Analytical decision-making, and smart IT management.