Data Factory Migration with Azure - Assessment

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We will assist you with moving and transforming data utilizing pattern-based automation, allowing you to speed the process while reducing the dangers associated with a manual conversion.

Many organizations struggle with importing big amounts of data into the cloud from many sources. As a result, employing Azure data factory is the best option for managing your migration data. It enables you to combine data from numerous sources using a single tool.

Data Factory Migration Assessment steps

• Requirements Understanding

• Azure Setup

• Azure Recommendations

• Migration Plan

• Perform Cost Analysis

AZURE Data factory concepts

• Pipelines

• Activities

• Datasets

• Triggers

• Integration runtime

How we will do the migration

• We will use pipelines for copying

• The copying will be done in batches

• Data factory can be used also for ongoing data flows


• A single tool for working with integrations

• Scalability

• Process monitoring

• Saving resources

This free session will be used to agree on the precise duration, price, and scope of the Project.