Azure Identity Management Jumpstart: 2-Wk PoC

Coeo Ltd

Optimize your cloud user identity strategy

Are you:

  • Unsure about managing cloud user identities?
  • Trying to synchronize on-premises accounts with Azure?
  • Trying to centrally manage user identities?

Security is one of the greatest concerns when undertaking a cloud project. Identity management is a cornerstone of effective security and, while many organizations understand on-premises identity management, they need help to translate that strategy to Azure. This engagement delivers a review of your on-premises identity management strategy against industry best practice and provides recommendations on extending this into the cloud in a secure manner. It includes deployment of Azure AD Connect to synchronize on-premises accounts with Azure, and a baseline deployment of role-based access control (RBAC).

Coeo’s Approach

This Jumpstart comprises the following phases:

  • Assess: review your on-premises identity management strategy
  • Plan: how to extend your identity management strategy into Azure
  • Deploy: Azure AD Connect to synchronize identities
  • Secure: deploy RBAC to protect Azure resources

You will receive a documented review of your security strategy including a high-level roadmap and prioritized next steps. We deploy Azure AD Connect to a single server, conduct synchronization of selected user accounts from on-premises into Azure, and provide a baseline production-ready deployment of RBAC.

The benefits

This Jumpstart provides:

  • Security: securely extend your on-premises identities into Azure and ensure that hybrid identities are authenticated and authorized securely
  • Manageability: ensure you are managing your accounts with minimal overhead
  • Scalability: have confidence that your ID management system will scale as your business grows
  • Accessibility: ensure that your users have access to the systems they need with a single identity