Accelerate App Mod Assessment to Azure in 8 Weeks


Cognizant Cloud Transformation framework allows in-depth assessment of app landscape & helps articulating a robust, future-proof transformation roadmap for modernizing to Azure Cloud Native apps

Cognizant Cloud Transformation framework is an app modernization framework includes proprietary tools, step-by-step guides/templates that accelerate app assessment, disposition to Azure cloud native targets, and transformation planning and computing ROI for business justification.

Step 1: Elicit Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Establishes key customer drivers and anticipated business outcomes for cloud move which serve as baselines for transformation approach and validation point for business justification.

Step 2: App Discovery and Disposition

Assesses a set of apps serving as MVP for the complete ecosystem. Our proprietary BV/TV (Business Value/Technical Value) 6R framework and Upshift Cloud suitability assessment tool enable strategic guidance on the approach for disposition to Azure targets.

Step 3: Define Landing Zone

Azure Landing Zone or Cloud Control Plane is defined in this step based on industry best practices.

Step 4: Plan Execution

Defines target architecture, methodology and transformation cost modelling. Upshift tool automates app assessment for 12-Factor compliance and T-Shirt sizing of transformation efforts based on anti-patterns observed.

Step 5: Model Operations

Model app monitoring, measurement strategy and cloud operations role. Indicative Azure operation costs computed are compared against the existing allowing ROI computation and business justification.

Why is this different?

An accelerated assessment framework that focuses on the app and prioritizes disposition to Azure Cloud Native targets. Combines industry-leading best practices, Cognizant tools and experiences into a reusable resource like

  • App analysis over 100+ attribute
  • BV/TV – 6R APR assessment
  • Upshift Cloud suitability assessment
  • ROI modelling templates
  • Azure TCO and Pricing Calculator