Azure Data Backups: 2 Weeks Proof Of Concept

Communication Square LLC

This 2 week Proof of Concept is designed to help customers see cloud backups of a single non-critical workload working for them in their own environment.
###Process The [Communication Square]( team will require access to existing customer environment and an Azure subscription (existing or new that we can provision for you). An Azure Certified Consultant will then share with you a report of successful backups running for a full week as well demonstrate and test successful restoration of data from the cloud. ###Deliverables 1. Setup Backups for a single Non-Critical work load in Cloud 2. Setup Backup Retention Policy and Backup frequency based on customer needs 3. Restore & demonstrate a working backup in existing On-Premise environment 4. Restore & demonstrate a working backup in a new VM in Cloud Learn more about setting up your Backups in the Cloud with our offering for [Azure Consulting]( Read this article about backups which explains the various features of [Azure Backups]( in Azure Cloud. ###About Communication Square Communication Square is a [Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Gold Partner]( with 10 Gold Competencies. We are trusted to provide SMEs with ready solutions to help manage, migrate, and protect their data.