Azure Cloud Workshop: .NET app Modernization


Cloud Workshop to modernize and migrate a real application to Azure

Would you like to modernize your applications or make them ready for Microsoft Azure? Together with Microsoft, daenet offers a series of one-day workshops.

Our experts will lead you for a day and guide you how to approach your modernization projects. The "Microsoft Workshop: .NET Modernization" provides you with the specialist knowledge you need to successfully migrate your .NET applications to the cloud. This workshop is part of the Microsoft Azure Immersion workshops. The Azure expertise and hands-on experience will be provided to our customers.

In this workshop we evaluate a demo solution and prepare it for the migration to cloud. During this day you will get to know many Azure services and will migrate a real application to Azure. We explain how and why certain services are used. We will also migrate a SQL Server database., encrypt the data and note the necessary GDPR information separately.

Target Group: Technical decision makers, business decision makers, architects, developers, IT-pros


[Exercise 1: Migrate the on-premises database to Azure SQL Database]
[Exercise 2: Post upgrade database enhancements]
[Exercise 3: Configure Key Vault]
[Exercise 4: Deploy Web API into Azure App Services]
[Exercise 5: Deploy web application into Azure App Services]
[Exercise 6: Upload policy documents into blob storage]
[Exercise 7: Create serverless API for accessing PDFs]
[Exercise 8: Add Cognitive Search for policy documents]
[Exercise 9: Import and publish APIs into APIM]
[Exercise 10: Create an app in PowerApps]