Azure Purview: 5-day Proof-of-Concept

Data#3 Limited

Rapid deployment of Azure Purview to allow for hands-on usage of Purview within your environment

For organisations who are considering Azure Purview to meet their data governance requirements, our proof-of-concept provides an accelerated path to deploy and evaluate Purview. We also have complimentary offerings for broader pilot and production deployments of Purview.

Goals of the proof-of-concept:

  • Rapid deployment of Azure Purview in your environment
  • Serve as a demonstrator for developing understanding of data governance tooling
  • Understand costs for implementation and potential ROI

Key Outcomes:

  • Azure Purview provisioned with a baseline configuration in a single environment
  • Connection of up to three (3) cloud data sources and setup of initial scan schedules
  • Walkthrough of Azure Purview and demonstration of usage
  • Recommendations and next steps summary

Our proof-of-concept approach is designed to provide a rapid way for clients to experience Azure Purview as quickly as possible. You will be able to put Purview in the hands of your key stakeholders, in context of your own environment. We utilise Data#3’s Data Journey Framework to provide a holistic set of recommendations for your data governance initiatives.

(Pricing is subject to an initial session and proposal to confirm scope)